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Home Cleaning Services in Solon Oh? We found the Best Ever!

There are a few decent home cleaning services in Solon Oh today.  However, we feel we are the best ever.  Professional House Cleaning Services, Inc. is the best house cleaning service value in Solon Ohio.  We use a great combination of the latest and best high tech techniques and old fashioned scrubbing and cleaning.  For example, we use micro fiber cleaning towels and mop heads.  The science behind micro fiber is simply amazing and indisutable.  In addition, we updated our website to allow customer to Book a Cleaning in 60 Seconds.  The website allows you to fill out a webform with ease.  You tell us your property and contact information, what kind of home cleaning services you would like, and choose your day and time for us to clean.  You receive a price, a confirmation via email, and THAT's IT.  You can even reschedule if you need to directly on the website.

Professional House Cleaning Services, Inc still believes in the old fashioned principles of hardwork, commitment to customer service, and putting PEOPLE ahead of profits.  The owner of the company, Shawn C. Day, states that these 3 principles will never ever be a replaced by technology as long as he owns the company.  

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