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Professional House Cleaning Services, Inc associates with other like minded professionals.  That is, we take our jobs seriously as we seek out the most up-to-date methods of cleaning, cleaning products and supplies, and PEOPLE skills such as customer service, and employee growth.  

Cleaning for a Reason – providing services for women who are recovering from cancer.


Association of Residential Cleaning Services International

The Association of Residential Cleaning Services, International (ARCSI) was established to assist residential cleaning service owners and professionals in starting, promoting, building and expanding their businesses. ARCSI is committed to providing valuable information to ensure the growth and development of our members' businesses.
Our mission is to provide members with a network of knowledge and experience throughout the industry, whether you are a veteran business owner, buying an existing business, or purchasing a franchise. By forging these connections, members benefit from new perspectives while also helping to foster profitable growth in the industry.


Better Business Bureau of Cleveland OH area- We have an A+ rating with the BBB-   We are not "accredited" with them.  This costs between $350-$500 to be "accredited."  We chose not to pay the money to the BBB-  we let our rating speak for itself.


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